MBC Recommended Resources

Below is an organized list of resources to help you grow in your awareness and experience of Life in Christ. If you see a resource that looks interesting click the picture on the left to go to a webpage for more info or to order the following books.


MBC Recommended Devotionals

  • Experiencing Life Today: 365 Day Devotional

    If you were asked to describe your life right now, would you say it's a ho-hum, barely-make-it-through-the-day kind of life? Or the abounding, overflowing, deeply rich and satisfying LIFE of Christ living through you? That's what God wants for you, and it's why Pete Briscoe wrote the Experiencing Life Today, a 365-day devotional. 

  • Trust For Today (A One Year Devotional)

    Jesus’s invitation is clear throughout the Bible: Trust Me, and trust those I’ve put in your life. Trust is vital in our families, communities, businesses, churches, and daily life, yet many of us struggle with trusting other people and even God Himself. Trust is what frees us to experience God's grace and enjoy the life He has for us. This 365 day devotional invites you to experience trust each day.

  • Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes (31 Day Devotional)

    Do you know who you are? Even more importantly, do you know Whose you are? Christians often look at their lives through natural eyes and see themselves as lonely, depressed, unacceptable to God, unable to be who they really want to be.   But a Christian who looks at him or herself through God's eyes sees someone quite different. In this devotional, bestselling author June Hunt helps you change your focus as you look in the mirror of God's Word.  

books on Life in Christ

For a more in-depth study of the Life we have in Christ check out these resources below!

  • The Rest of the Gospel

    “Do I have life ‘more abundant’?” That’s a question millions of Christians have asked down through the ages. Dan Stone asked that question during a time of spiritual frustration in his own life and God answered by showing Dan he had been living only a part of the gospel message. Dan’s search led him to discover the truth of “Christ in you” as “the rest of the gospel” that most Christians overlook.

  • God Without Religion: Can It Really Be This Simple?

    GWR dismantles common religious misconceptions, revealing the true meaning of being filled w/the Spirit, the facts about judgment, rewards, & God's discipline, the simple truth behind predestination & the divisions it causes, & the problem w/the popular challenge to "live radical." Farley shows how the truth about these issues can liberate believers as we discover how to rest in the unconditional love of God.

  • Jesus Changes Everything

    Are you Experiencing New Life?  You were probably told that salvation is a free gift, but trying to live up to what you think God demands feels like anything but a gift. The problem? You're basing your Christianity in the Old Testament—making your faith a law-based religion. But the New Covenant, which God has put in place through Jesus' death, changes everything. 

  • The Cross Worked

    YOU WILL BE TREATED LIKE JESUS ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT! That is exactly what the entire New Testament is shouting to believers. There will be no fear, no shame, and no guilt on the Day of Judgment. Instead, we can have confidence on the Day of Judgment because we are totally forgiven and just like Jesus. 

  • Union with Christ

    If you are a Christian, the Bible says that Christ has united his life to yours, that you are now in Christ and Christ is in you. This almost unfathomable truth is the central theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Yet few Christians today experience or enjoy this reality. Union with Christ reveals the transformational power of this ancient doctrine while addressing the basic questions of the human heart.

  • God's Astounding Opinion of You

    Many people would be surprised to learn that God’s view of them is much greater than their own. Ralph Harris, founder and President of LifeCourse Ministries, leads readers to experience a deeply satisfying, joyful relationship with Christ as they embrace what God thinks of them that they are holy, righteous, blameless, and lovable.

  • The Cure

    The Cure gives the diagnosis religious obsession with sin-management. It has poisoned the Church, obscuring the Original Good News & sending millions away, wounded, angry & cynical. The Cure offers hope that frees some from freedom from a self-rewarded righteousness, & others from a beaten down striving for a righteousness they can never seem to attain. 

  • Christ Our Life

    Did you know that you were created with a spirit to contain the very life of God? Go has put Christ in you to live His life through you. He alls this the Christian life. In CHRIST OUR LIFE you will be challenged to give up your struggles to live the Christian life and experience the incomparable joy and adventure of having Christ as your life.

  • Grace Walk

    Christian walk: either running around trying to perform to be acceptable to God--or thinking they've failed Him again and wondering if they'll ever measure up. Living the grace walk gets Christians off this religious roller coaster. Using his own journey from legalism into grace, Steve McVey illustrates the foundational, biblical truths of who believers are in Jesus Christ and how they can let Him live His life through them each day.

  • Perfect and Forgiven

    We've boiled down the message of Christianity to being imperfect people who have been forgiven. But what if the message isn't just about what Christ has done for us--forgiving our sins so we can go to heaven one day--but also about what He has done to us? Zach takes us into his own journey of identity, and with humor, vulnerability, and a unique story-driven format, reveals how to live free from shame, guilt, and sin. 

Family Ministry resources

Below are a list of books and other resources that our MBC Family Ministry recommends for all families.

  • The Cure & Parents

    This book is filled with hope, joy, insight, wisdom and maybe a fresh way of seeing parenting. We get to ride with a family as they struggle. Then we watch them imperfectly, but wonderfully learn to find each other. It always begins with us, the parents. And it always involves us earning our children’s trust. All, so we can leave a profound mark in this world by our transformative influence on our kids.  

  • Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

    Parenting Beyond Your Capacity can help parents establish a lifestyle in which they: Invite others to invest in their children to help shape and determine the direction of their lives. Create a culture of unconditional love to fuel the emotional and moral health of their children. Tap into the power of quality moments together, building a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.

  • "Parenting Your..."

    "Parenting Your" Phase Guides consist of an 18-part series of concise and interactive guides that simplifies what parents need to know about each phase of a kids life and gives them the opportunity to discover more about their children—so they can make the most of every phase. The link to the left is the kindergarten phase, but all the individual books can be found on amazon.

  • Don't Miss It

    Don't Miss It reminds parents that phases are not just periods of time to be survived, but opportunities to be maximized. It gives parents a simple strategy for parenting every week like it counts. It can help them reprioritize their time with their kids; it may even change how they see their kids and themselves.

  • Parent Cue App (Itunes & android)

    As a parent, some of the most important things you do for your child don’t happen in a single day. You make small deposits in their life over time. This App gives weekly cues to help you make the most of the time you spend with your child. These weekly cues will change with your child, staying relevant to their phase of life. The app will connect you with Bible stories & verses to talk to your child about, & cue you with things to say & to do connected with the naturally occurring times that already happen every day.

  • Parenting the Wholehearted Child

    Parenting the Wholehearted Child equips you with biblical wisdom and practical ideas to teach your children that they are fully accepted by God, not because of anything they do or don't do but because of everything Jesus has already done for them. Woven throughout the book is the good news that it is God's extravagant grace---not your perfect performance---that transforms the hearts of children.

  • Give Them Grace

    Give Them Grace is a revolutionary perspective on parenting that shows us how to receive the gospel afresh and give grace in abundance, helping our children know the dazzling love of Jesus and respond with heartfelt obedience.