We're gonna make a great Team!

MBC Family Ministry exists to equippartner, and support parents while Christ expresses His life through them in the home.

At MBC, we're not about "doing it right" so kids "get it right." The heart behind our ministry is to support you, and to give you tools to create a grace-filled environment in your home. This, of course, only happens when we, as parents, are yielded to Christ's work in and through us.

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2>1+1: Two Combined Influences Is Greater Than Two Separate Ones

Statistics show that, on average, a child or student spends around 40-90 hours tops a year in the church. That, compared to the roughly 3,000 hours a year a child or students spends with their family, shows us that the ministry done at home is very important. At MBC we aren't just dedicated to the 40-90 hours we get, but also the 3,000 hours our families get. Our Family Ministry strives to equip and support our parents in setting up a ministry in their home so conversations about Jesus are a normal thing. We do this by making ourselves available to each family, giving them reliable resources, and helping get the conversations from the church to the home.

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Upcoming Family Ministry events

Middle School Workshop (4/25)- 6:30-7:30PM

Have a student in middle school or one that is going to be in 6th grade next year? Then check out this workshop specifically for you! 

We know that middle school is scary and messy so we want to equip you as parents for success in navigating these years. During this time, we will dive into what a middle school student is going through in this phase of life, conversations that parents may want to have with their student over the next year or two, and how to grow and nurture student's spiritual growth over the next few years. 

The workshop is COMPLETELY FREE and open to any middle school parent. Also, the event is on an Awana Wednesday night so, if you have a 5th grade student, they will be able to go to their programming, or if you have a student who is already in middle school that you need to bring, they will be able to serve in Awana that night. 

Dinner starts at 5:45pm and is completely FREE to those who participate in this workshop. We will let the kitchen team know, all you have to do is tell them that your part of the Middle School Workshop. For more information contact Tanner Shumake.

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